Summer Bucket List

Right, so I have plans for this blog, and I am trying to make plans for this summer as well. Something I thought would be cool would be to share my current summer bucket list, and little accounts as I tick each one off, as summer vacation has officially started today for me. I want to really push myself to be productive and explore new hobbies this semester, and I am hoping that having a bucket list will encourage me and maybe encourage others to make a list of goals or just fun activities to combat boredom and to start trying something new. I know that I am so horrible at actually pursuing something new when there’s a lot of pressure or I just don’t feel motivated enough. I know that I always make huge New Years resolutions, and then I never follow through because I never start, thinking I have the whole year, or I am too scared to start. This time, I am doing smaller summer goals, and I hope to accomplish most of them, and it will just be fun and a no pressure thing. So here is my bucket list!

  • Go thrifting
    • I had never thought about it before, but I saw two videos, one by LaMadelynn and one by Marzia, on YouTube where two friends sent each other clothes and did a “Haulternative.” I looked into their channels a bit more (Marzia I have been watching for a while, but I hadn’t seen anything by LaMadelynn before). I just love that they were trading clothes and that they care about the ethical side of products, something I had honestly never considered very much. I now hope to be more conscientious about what I am purchasing, and I want to be less wasteful, and I think starting out with just thrifting instead of going on a huge shopping spree would be a good place to start as I begin my research on ethical clothing.
  • Cook something new
    • I actually really enjoy cooking . . . But I am not that good, and I have very few recipes up my sleeve. So I want to expand my horizons and do some new dishes this summer. I think it will be good to promote a healthy lifestyle and just a good skill to have.
  • Draw comics
    • I love comics, and I want to try drawing some. Let’s be real, drawing comics isn’t easy, even though artists always make them look so flawless, but I want to give it a shot and get back into sketching.
  • Blog
    • I want to make sure I keep up my blog.
  • Build terrariums
    • I built my first terrarium last year, and it was so enjoyable. Basically, I get some sort of larger glass container, and I’ll just plant some cacti and succulents. They are so beautiful, and I love caring for plants.
  • Go on a trip
    • Ah, I have been struck by wanderlust lately. Whether the mountains or the beach or somewhere in between, I just want to grab some friends and go.
  • Get into a regular workout routine/Be healthier?
    • I have not worked out this entire second semester, and I can really feel a difference. I just don’t have as much energy as when I lifted weights in the Fall, and I just don’t feel as happy with my body being so stagnant. I like moving around and feeling strong. So I want to get moving again this summer, and I want to continue this next year.
  • Take a yoga class
    • This sort of piggybacks on my last bullet. I am taking a yoga course in the Fall, and I really want to have some experience beforehand. I also have wanted to try yoga for a while. I think that it is such a spectacular physical and spiritual experience, and I really want to get involved and learn more about it.
  • Read.
    • This semester, I haven’t been reading. I wrote a lot in the beginning, but I haven’t picked up a book that wasn’t required for a class in months. I need to read more.
  • Clean house
    • Maybe this kind of goes with the thrifting? But I want to not be wasteful and stop hoarding clothes and owning items I never use. So I really want to just go through my closet and donate a lot of my wardrobe.
  • Paint something
    • I love writing, but I also enjoy visual art. I haven’t painted in a while, and I miss it. I started a painting a while back, and I would love to try to finish it this summer or just start something new.
  • Begin the publishing process for my book
    • I feel that this is always a goal and that it is always for a different book. But I have been working on something, and I would love to share it with others. So, fingers crossed 🙂

So that’s my bucket list for this summer! I’m hoping that because it is smaller and more realistic I’ll be able to accomplish more, and I know I’ll keep adding things, so it’s good to keep the goals smaller so there is not too much pressure and I can just have fun with it. Have a wonderful summer vacation!


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