Deer and Doodles

In my last post, I talked about the birds who were trying to build a nest on my porch. They have abandoned this quest, and instead have chosen to build their home in the dogwood just beyond my porch. It is a lovely little nest, and a photo of it will appear in the second part of my mini photo series “Beyond the Gate.” Part two will be coming Β  soon πŸ™‚

But now instead of birds trying to inhabit the porch, there are deer that are trying to take up residence in the garden. I love deer. I think they are beautiful creatures, but I also adore my roses. We seem to share the latter interest as they have been snacking on the buds. So now the plants have been sprayed, and hopefully, this will keep the deer away for a bit while we figure out how they’ve been getting through the fence.

But beside dealing with wildlife, I have also been drawing quite a bit. I love sketching, but I haven’t done it in a while, so I figured why not jump back into it and try something new. On my bucket list, one of the goals I included was to draw some comics, so I have been creating the characters I want to include in them. But the twist is that I am using an app called Drawing Desk when I have always drawn on paper, usually with a pen. Now I have changed my medium entirely, and I am honestly loving it. This just shows that exploring new things can be so fun and so rewarding. Below are some sneak peeks of some now completed drawings that I will be sharing shortly πŸ™‚

What animal will this be?
I changed this one quite a bit.


Adding some color…
Practicing with facial features
First Layer
Second Layer
Peek of color πŸ™‚



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