Starting a New Job

Oh my goodness, has it been a while since I last posted. I told myself that I would be posting casually, meaning that I wouldn’t force myself to post or have specific deadlines, but I also was trying to post at least once a week and get into the habit of keeping up my blog for the summer (And beyond). I guess these last two weeks have been so crazy and busy as I have started a new job. It’s one I am very excited about, but it has also come with lots of paperwork and added stress. It’s tired me out, and it can be hard coming into a new environment with so many people. And for someone like me, who loves to be alone and just enjoy me time, it can be a challenge. I need to constantly chat with people and introduce myself to people, and it can be difficult striking up a conversation with strangers who you want to impress and want to befriend. So that is what I have been doing for the past week, and I’m finally getting into a groove and getting on a better schedule. Also, the weekend is approaching, so I am hoping to bombard my blog with some new posts:) But with this small little post, I’ll just write down some quick tips I have for starting a new job when you may get nervous or be introverted like me.


Be Prepared. I am so glad that I came to work the first day with my little satchel full of completed paperwork. The HR rep from my new workplace sent me a bunch of paperwork and packets, and I went through all of them before the first day. I’m glad I did too, because there were extra documents requiring my signature within the packets that I would have missed if I had not at least glanced at them. When I arrived on the first day for orientation, I could tell she was pleased that I had made her job a little bit easier. Especially because she is a busy woman, and she visits my branch very infrequently, I would have delayed getting my paycheck or my ID if I had not gotten everything to her immediately.

Plan Ahead. I made my lunch and packed my bags the night before. I laid out my clothes, and I made sure that the shoes I would be wearing were by the door. I really wanted to sleep for as long as possible and make sure I was on time, even a little bit early. You may think you have enough time, but on the first day, you’ll always take a bit more time to get up or gussy up or just stumble a bit because of nerves. I had trouble driving because I was so jittery with anticipation (I have a couple tips concerning this below). So plan out your outfit and get everything ready beforehand for an easier morning. I also like to look nice and professional at work, especially for the first day, when you can choose your own attire. So I got my clothes ready in advance and made sure they were weather appropriate. Also, I layered because I wasn’t sure about the work environment, and I am so lucky that I did because it is quite drafty where I sit.

Know Where You’re Going. I mean this in two ways. Firstly, know the directions. Please, know the directions. I knew the area a bit, so it wasn’t that difficult driving over in rush hour traffic early in the morning. But when you are worried about a new job, you’re packed into your lane with cars all around you, and you’re GPS app on your phone is just saying “Rerouting” over and over, you’re going to get disoriented and way more stressed than you need to be on your first day. Try looking at the directions beforehand, or practice driving there. It also doesn’t hurt to leave a bit earlier and head somewhere close by, like a breakfast restaurant or a coffee shop to clear your head and get ready to go. My second thing is, keep in mind what you’re aiming for, but also, don’t be afraid to change course. When I arrived at my new job, I was just so grateful and excited to be in my new position, and then I looked around, and I’m not so sure that everyone around me is so happy about their positions. I am so appreciative to have my new job and to build my career, but that doesn’t mean I want to keep this title forever. What I’m trying to say is, know that not everything will go your way, and know you’re going to change, but also make goals and try to push yourself and grow. I like to plan and dream because it makes me happy, and I’m not expecting everything to go perfectly, and maybe I’ll end up being happy where I am and not want to move up or move on to something else, but just make sure that you are happy. Don’t get stuck somewhere and spend your life being unhappy.

And Relax Everything is going to be alright:) Everyone around you knows you’re new, and they’re going to be kind to you and help you to adjust. Everyone was the new kid at one point, and they know what you’re going through. So just relax, smile at your coworkers and do it. You’ve got this. Now get to work:)


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