Shooting with a Foggy Lens

Alright, so I’ve spoken about doing different things and trying new techniques with my art, so here is something really unlike my usual photographs. I shot pictures with a foggy lens. It was unintentional at first. The sun was setting, and I saw this interesting patch of sunlight on the grass, and I really wanted to photograph it, so I got my camera and set out into my garden. But it was so humid that my lens fogged up, and this totally changed the look of my photos. I was about to just go back inside, but then I thought why not get this a shot? (Hehe puns 🙂 ) Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures using this steamy/breathy/foggy lens technique? I don’t edit my pictures, so this was like a natural effect, which I think is really interesting. The photos are a bit odd, dark, and maybe grungy. They have this steamy look to them, but I find this a bit interesting and haunting. There’s almost this vintage/antique quality to them? Or maybe it’s just really out there. I don’t know. I do know that individually the pictures are a bit strange, but when compiled, I think they become much better as a whole piece. As always, it was fun to try something new, and I’m already planning another mini photo series that I believe will be a two-parter like my last one (Click to see Part 1 or Part 2), and I’m planning to have that done soon. I hope you enjoy my little gallery 🙂


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