GREEn and Dead (Greed)

Right, so this is the first part of my Green and Dead photo series. This took a bit of planning because once I had the idea, I had to think how I wanted to execute it. Did I want to do all of the pictures side by side? Did I want to separate them? What would I call the thing? Finally, I decided to separate the two parts, which has been a bit of a trend with my bigger projects, as I’ve done multiple parts before, and then I decided to give them the same title but play around a bit with the letters giving them separate meanings. So this is the dead side, which I’ve specified as greed, which for me has a bit more to do with the colors. I did lots of grays and sort of dark, maybe even more bland colors, and I feel like those identify with the feeling and thought of greed. I also wanted to parallel living, vibrant, green nature with dead, dark, shadowy aspects of nature. I also want to note that insects in this are not dead, I just enjoyed the colors, so I thought I could incorporate them into this. So with that, I present to you GREEn and Dead, or Greed.


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